Bailey Mark Cross (born 6 December) is the 1st and current Vice President of the New California Republic, jointly elected with President John Watson. Cross first started out his governmental career when he became the Assistant Chief of the early created GTAPD, working along side President Watson. Cross served 3 and a half years as the Assistant Chief and made many law regarded decisions. Throughout Cross' career within Law Enforcement, Cross has been criticized on his leadership, however, in late 2009, Cross resigned at his position of Assistant Chief, following that him and the current Chief had, had many disagreements in the terms of leadership. Cross later went on to join an emergency services based clan - Cross was made the second in command of the the emergency based clan, and had command over a wide line of other clans affiliated. However, in the early months of 2010, Cross resigned from the clan and remained out of work for several weeks.

In 2010, Cross became an elective governmental member within current President, John Watson's democratic party. Following several months of being within government, Cross was jointly elected within government as the Vice President of the United States of the Enclave. Cross served under President Watson for a year and a half, however, following the resignation of President Watson, Cross legally took the Oath of Office and became the 3rd President of the United States of the Enclave, however, Cross' administration broke down badly, and caused the Enclave to corrupt, Cross was wrongly charged with impeachment and was forcefully and illegally removed from the Office of President. After Cross was removed from office, President Watson returned to the Office of President, and Cross was again made the Vice President, however, the discussions between President Watson and Cross at the time consisted of the continuing failing of development. A joint signed legislation act was authorized by President Watson and Cross.

Then, in early 2013, Cross was made the Captain of the Goliath Global Defense and ran a large majority of the European organizations. At present, Cross still serves as the Captain of the GGD.

In late 2013, the New California Republic was re-opened. Cross was made the General of the NCR at first, but following the large increase in soldiers, President Watson signed Cross as the Vice President of the NCR. Cross was then made the first and current Vice President of the NCR.

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