Brad Gardiner (born 18th February) is the 2nd and current General of the NCR Armed Forces. Gardiner first started out his full governmental career under the Watson-Cross Administration during the Enclave government, Gardiner acted as a senior official to the Military but carried out limited amounts of work for the Enclave. On January 9, 2014, Gardiner was made the second Major of the NCR Armed Forces and was directed to run the 1st Ranger Battalion. Gardiner had, during his period of being a Major transferred many men to the NCR. However, on February 9, 2014, Vice President Cross, who was the 1st General, resigned as the General to become the Vice President of the NCR - intern, Gardiner was entered into a democratic vote which ended February 12, 2014. On February 12, the votes were counted and Gardiner had won with 1 vote over the others and was therefore appointed General, making Gardiner the 2nd and current General to serve NCR. 

Despite the ongoing war efforts from Gardiner, Gardiner acts as The White House Chief of Staff, certifying him full access to The White House and power over all security surrounding The White House. Gardiner also attends many Presidential meetings regarding leadership of the NCR clan. 

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