John Trevor Watson (born 17 August) is the 1st and current President of the New California Republic. Watson is a graduate of one of the major Law Enforcement courses. He has served many federal law and military clans priory. Watson served as the Deputy Chief within the very early created GTAPD, serving as the 3rd highest officer within the general policing unit. However, Watson resigned as the Deputy Chief as a result of the organization becoming extremely corrupt. Then, in 2010, Watson ran as an elective governmental member, then ran for President within the Enclave. Watson was then elected the President of the United States of the Enclave and served for 1 and a half years before resigning his position. After resigning his position, the Enclave became corrupt under its newly legislative administration. Watson appeared back within government of the Enclave, and was elected as President in a second term. After several months of being re-elected democratically as President, Watson made the decision to fully terminate the Enclave.

In late 2012, Watson became Lieutenant Colonel within the Goliath Global Defense, serving as the joint commander-in-chief of European defense organizations. At present, Watson still serves as the Lieutenant Colonel of the Goliath Global Defense within European states.

Then, in December 2013, Watson and Bailey Cross, prior Vice President and fellow soldier, decided to officially re-open the New California Republic which had priory been opened but was terminated within it's first month. Watson was elected as the 1st President of the NCR and is the current President, along with the Vice President, Bailey Cross.

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